QOTW (beta)


How To Vote: Five Easy Steps to Joy

  1. Read this week's nominated quotes.
  2. Arrange as many of them as you want in order from favorite to least favorite. You can list only one or all ten or any number in between.
  3. List only the names of the nominees, not the quotes themselves. Distinguish between quotes from the same person with parenthetical statements like "Ben (on hot dogs)" and "Ben (monkeys)".
  4. Make sure your list is numbered.
  5. Email your ballot to qotw@qotw.net with the subject line "Re: Quote of the Week, (date)" and your ballot as the body.
Sample ballots:
  1. Jack
  2. Mr. Green (library)
  3. Miss Scarlet
  4. Mr. Green (revolver)
  1. Miss Scarlet
  1. Angel
  2. Dudley D.
  3. Mike Tyson
  4. Johnny
  5. Mr. Green (revolver)
  6. Miss Scarlet
  7. Ramon Damon
  8. Jack
  9. Aunt Cynthia
  10. Mr. Green (library)